Outreach and Recruitment

Outreach and Recruitment

Community Engagement Programme

DEAF help to build stable and prosperous communities with a strong sense of identity, they encourage to help develop raising awareness of the wider community to have their right voice, and they provide opportunities for people to learn, explore and interact.

The most appropriate type of engagement and involvement will depend on the service, the area and the issue. DEAF is passionate and commitment to the high quality engagement and involvement will help to ensure that:

  • people feel they can have a real influence on service planning and delivery
  • services are high quality, appropriate for the community and lead to positive outcomes for local people
  • local services and the community form ongoing relationships to work together to improve lives

DEAF can help by:

  • keeping accessible records which support the democratic process
  • understanding that timely displays and information on relevant issues may inspire people to become more active in their communities
  • hosting and running events


Our DEAF community groups

Your communities are a valuable resource. Good relationships with local people are vital for positive results and a sense of local ownership. Working with community groups is a key way to engage with and involve local people in the design and delivery of the service, and to widen participation.

Community groups can:

  • act as champions for your service
  • help you to involve a wide range of people, especially new audiences and users
  • keep you informed about what people in the community want and need from the service