Higher Education Programme

Year on year there are fewer deaf learners applying to and being accepted onto higher education courses within the UK. Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship aim to halt the decline and encourage students to reach their potential.

Providing accessible information to deaf and hard of hearing people will aid them in their right to access to education and to achieve their potential. DEAF work in collaboration with higher education institutions to recruit D/deaf students into university. DEAF prepare and distribute promotional materials such as prospectuses, brochures and course information to schools, colleges and other institutions who have an involvement with the D/deaf or sensory loss community.

We will also be on hand to answer any queries about such an event– at this stage general interest from the prospective students (who wish to attend the Open Day) will be registered for follow up. We will promote the event through social media, our website, providing a link to your college site, as well as contacting and informing national organisations and charities.

DEAF will assume responsibility for the full event coordination including marketing and promotion.

To find out more about our  Higher Education Outreach Programmes please use the “Contact” form or email DEAF at: info@deaf-fellowship.org